Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Um...That's Not Popcorn! (Bugs!)

At the lake the other day, a friend walked over holding a snack container and said, "Hey do you want to see this?"   I thought it was going to be a yummy treat.

It was this.
 A ridiculously gigantic caterpillar.  Like way bigger than my thumb.  And crazy colorful.
From the parking lot.
A quick google identified it as a Robin Moth Caterpillar.  Who knew?

A few more recent creature finds and my best guesses about what they are:

I'm totally cool with bugs until I start looking at spiders--then I get a huge case of the creepy-crawlies.  The nursery web spider was huge but until a big storm came it was always on the same plant.  Blech--now there's no telling where it is!
Nursery Web Spider (As long as my thumb) / Spined Micrathena (Totally looks like it's wearing a bustle.)                                  
And how are those Praying Mantids doing?  
They really are hard to find!  And I'm sure many met this same demise.

I did recently find this guy and I caught him doing his cool head-turning trick.

And from just this morning:
A huge Katydid.  And these prolific spiders from last year (Barn Spiders) that we kind of dig. ;)

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