Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ten from Last Week

From last week...

1.  Queen Anne's Lace

2.  Checking out the water cycle (and clouds).

(Bonus: A giant storm and rainbow.)

3.  Peach Picking.

4.  Sand castle winners with friends.

Two days in a row.

5.  Butterfly festival.

6.  The compost garden bounty. ;)
(From all of the tomato plants that just sprouted up out of the compost we dumped in the garden.)

7.  Working on their circus act.
(Also, the reason why T is wearing just one green flip-flop in the garden photo--he stepped off the slack line and right on a bee. :(  )

8.  100+ sit-ups.  For fun.  (Seriously.)

9.  Growing up.
(Getting her own scissors to open up a squeeze yogurt and then washing them off before putting them away--up high.)

Making pumpkin pancakes.

10.  A slice of real life. 
(Glamorous. ;)

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