Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Re-imagining A Space (for Art)

A few things in the basement weren't working.
1.  The bins and bins (and bins) of too-small clothes are aesthetically unpleasant.
2.  No one EVER used our old black table (above.)
3.  The cool nook under the stairs also wasn't being used.
4.  These people are growing up and really not using the play "house" space quite so much.  (Except Beza. :)
5.  The art supplies have been hard to access.


After a bit of thinking and a lot of cleaning (eww--spiders galore and long-gone mouse evidence in the deepest corners) and rearranging, we have a great space for art projects.

These bins had to be moved.

It got way worse before it got better.
(The new space is under the window on the left.)

Old art storage.

In process.

Take 1 attempt at covering up the storage bins with hanging fabrics.
(It looked SO much better in my head. ;)

The improved "wall" to hide the storage bins.  (The cardboard box from our dining room table covered with a Graphic Wood Paper.)  And the new storage shelves (from Target) along the wall.

A peek inside.
(Back-to-school sales make this the perfect time to stock our art pantry. )

A space to display their creations.
(Working with what we have--I hung ribbons from the exposed ceiling. :)



The "kitchen" moved under the stairs.

And the rest of the basement currently looks like this. (A few years ago.)

I love how a few quick (ish) changes breathe new life into a space.

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