Monday, August 25, 2014

Five for the Week

A few from last week...

1.  A baseball birthday party.

2.  The Banana-Backpack Incident.  M had been complaining about a banana smell in her room for days.  Then she came shrieking downstairs with her brand new backpack exclaiming that there was a black and white rotten banana in there.  A trail of fruit flies and fumes followed.  As if the sight, smell and feel of the banana wasn't quite bad enough, once the banana was removed (by a courageous, T), the bottom of the bag was covered with maggots.  Maggots.  

I thought the bag was a lost cause.  We left it out in the rain overnight.  The next morning I mustered my resolve and sprayed it down with a bleach spray.  The combination of airing it out along with the rain seemed to make a huge improvement.  After wiping it out I washed it and I think it's back in business.  

Lesson I hope we've learned:  Empty your bag after a trip--especially if it has food in it.  (The banana had been there for 20 days.  Gross.)

3.  Orchard-down-the-road goodness.

4.  A picnic walk.
(And just like the rest of us...if you should happen to see a tree that looks like you could climb it, by all means, climb away.)

5.  Weekend waterfront dinner.

Just 2 weeks left of summer!

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