Monday, August 18, 2014

Five for the Week

A few bits from last week...

1.  Backyard waterslide fun with friends.  (On a surprisingly warm day. :)

2.  Little shoppers.
(Beza was in my cart.)

3.  Starting the process of officially saying goodbye to one of our closest friends. :(

4.  Hanging out with my sister for two days.  (She has a large fan club.)
(Introducing her to Mo Willems.)
(Friday was SO cold.  Perfect for building sand castles--not so much for swimming. ;)
Making-do with just one pair of roller blades.  We laughed so hard our sides ached.

5.  A Saturday outing.
(It's like we're Cinderella going to the "ball," T.  Looking in the large mirrored ball.)

(Sad week ahead as we really do say "goodbye for now" to the Harleys.)

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