Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Funnies: When You Get Called a "Sewer"

Recently J and T were having a discussion about who was in charge of T's room.  T claimed it was his to do with as he pleases.  J countered that he owns the house and therefore the room.

"But, Daddy, you don't own this house.  God does.  You're just the sewer."


"And I'm the sewer of my room."

(Minor vocabulary error.  Sewer=Steward.  Hilarious.  But, what do you know, dude's been paying attention.)

Not Exactly
Before Beza's birthday my mom asked for gift ideas.

" know, were were just at Barnes and Noble and she couldn't walk away from the Frozen books.  Maybe a Frozen doll or something."

"What is that?  A doll you put in the freezer?"


Coffee on the Go
My Dad is the king of new gadgets.  His latest and greatest?  The WORX Aerocart.
(Have you ever?)

Just Because
He also owns the Little Giant.  A Little Giant + Chalk + a Large Driveway + a Sister = Chalk Art Fun. (And nonstop cackling.)

I hope that my kids have as much fun together with each other as I do with my sisters when they're in their 30's. :)

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