Friday, July 11, 2014

Five for the Week

A quick glimpse of our week:

1.  While Nana and Pop and Grammy Miller were here last week they did what they usually do--they played cards.  (They being Pop, Grammy Miller and J.)  Guess who wins almost every time?  Grammy Miller.  Card shark.  She's celebrating her 94th Birthday this week.  (Happy Birthday, Grammy!)

2.  When they left they took M with them.  The house totally doesn't feel quite right when one of us is missing.  We spent a lot of time outside over the weekend enjoying the FABULOUS weather!
(Saturday hike & picnic.)

(Sunday park and picnic dinner.)

3.  Beza and T have been loving our church's vacation bible school.  The visiting puppets are a crowd pleaser.

4.  We met Daddy for smoothies on Tuesday afternoon and cooled off near the fountain.  (Man, did it ever get HOT out this week.)

5.  Playdough.  It's worth documenting because we NEVER get out the playdough.  (The color-mixing, and pieces that get stuck in the playdough contraptions and the crumbs of it all over the floor just waiting to be trampled into the carpeting--all the reasons it doesn't make an appearance very often.  BUT, they did have fun and the new playdough was super soft.)

We'll all be back together in a few days and swimming lessons start next week and they can't wait!

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