Sunday, July 06, 2014

Five for the Week

A look back at last week...

1.  We spent last weekend in PA hanging out with cousins.

2.  We also celebrated Beza's birthday (for the 5th and 6th times) with each of our families.  Nana made the most amazing "Piggy-Mud-Stomping" Cake as requested by Beza.

3.  T-man stayed in PA for the week with Nana and Pop.  We totally missed him, but we decided to take advantage of an all-girls week by watching all 8 hours of Anne of Green Gables (and the Sequel).

4.  On July 1st, J and I celebrated our 14th Anniversary.  (That number seems unfathomable--I suppose it always will. :)
(We actually had a date night out at a restaurant while we had our first ever night-time babysitter.)

5.  Beza is the best little garden helper ever. :)  Our surprise compost tomatoes are thriving.

And this week...
(Nana and Pop came for the Fourth of July and they took M back to PA with them.  We already miss her, too.)
(Helping T write a note before she left yesterday morning.)

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