Tuesday, July 01, 2014

All Things Summer (Five--or So--for the Week)

(T has been most looking forward to journaling (no joke).  I'm joining them in some ART JOURNALING. :)

Summer has officially started with all things...Summer. :)

A brief recap of the first week...

First Day of Summer:
Pool and a backyard movie.

Beza's Birthday.
(And watching the World Cup.)

Waking up by the light of the sun.

Muffins at the park.

Beza's Chalk party.  And then a fun night catching up with CA friends.  (So cool to watch our kids play together.)
(The mosquito art journal page from "What You Dislike About Summer."  Our kids had such a fun time playing--and running in and out of the house with flashlights.  The mosquitoes also had a fun time coming in. Bedtime looked like this:

-Me just about to fall asleep.
-Bzzz in my ear.
-Smack my head.
-Just about to fall asleep.
-Bzzz in my ear.
-Smack my head.
-Head under the covers.
-Can't breathe.
-Realize my source of air is also a possible mosquito entrance.
-Imagine a large mosquito bite on my nose.
-Also imagine that there can't be too many more.
-Come back out to sleep on pillow.
-Bzzz in my ear.
-Smack my head.
-Spray hair and arms thoroughly with bug spray.
-Head back under the covers.
-Almost asleep.
-Bzzz in my ear.  Under the covers.
-Smack head.
-Really mutter.
-Get fan.
-Put on turbo speed aimed at my face.
-Sleep in a wind tunnel.
-Vow to keep doors closed at night. ;)

Guitar Recital.

First day at the "lake."

Last day of a 3-day backyard VBS--the oldest two had a blast! (And want to know when they can go again. ;)  Beza and I ran errands (and ate) while we waited.

We ended Friday with a trip to PA.  T stayed behind and while he's making sweet memories--we can't wait to have him back. :)

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