Friday, July 25, 2014

10 For the Week

A few things from our week...

1.  Fun celebrating a friend's birthday.

2.  Cupcakes with the oldest.

3.  A concert on the hill.
(Singing some Frozen songs.)

With a little chess on the side.

4.  And Facepainting.

5.  Inspired by the previous evening's festivities, M watched a few videos to learn how to make her own balloon animals.

6.  Swimming at the lake and a private lesson to "refine" their "skills."

7.  Cooking up a storm on some thrift store plates and bowls.

8.  $1 Movies with friends.  (The Lego Movie.)

9.  The waterpark.

10.  And the laundry.  It' up.  Quite a bit. 

A fun, full summer week.

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