Wednesday, June 04, 2014

When You Lose a Tooth In Canada get to say that you have a "Canadian Tooth."  

We had a spare 24 hours after Basileia before we had to be home for Soccer Saturday--so we ran for the border and spent a day in Montreal.

Our hotel room on the 16th floor.
We spent our evening there playing on the musical swings and in the fountains of Quartier des Spectacles.
Playing the wind both here and in France.
Later that night, T lost his first tooth.  A Canadian tooth.  (The second one should fall out any day now.)

The next day we headed to the Biodome to see some animals.

Funny story--We went here.  It looks like a dome, yeah?  Except it's a sphere.  The Biosphere to be exact.  We wandered around the amazing Biosphere for an hour seeing cool galleries and learning about pollution while looking for the animals.  Where were they?  Not there.  A sphere is not a dome.
Contributing to the sticker art.

We did make it to the Biodome near Olympic Park. (With the largest leaning tower in the world.)
(It is a bit Truman Show-ish.)

Then we headed out for the long drive home.

We had a fun, full week, but we are SO glad to all be home!

(Also, we are slightly addicted to Andrew Clements.   No Talkingand The School Storymade the drives go by much more quickly! [Even for J.])

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