Friday, June 20, 2014

"There's Nothing You Could Do To Be Better"

A bit late (but better than never ;), wishing a Happy Father's Day to the special guys in our life--Daddy, Grandpa, Pop and Grandpa Taylor. :)

T came home with a treasure trove of goodies for Daddy including an apron (top, left) and a few hand-written books full of gems.

M added this note:

T could pretty much not love J any more than he does right now.  It's crazy sweet.  The other night they were praying and J said something about wanting to learn how to be a better daddy and T said, "Daddy, but there's nothing you could do to be a better daddy.  You're already the best."  
(Watching the Praying Mantids beginning to hatch.)

And that he is. :)

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