Friday, June 06, 2014

Stay Curious: Wildflowers

(To state the obvious. :)  I am continually aware of how much I don't know.  My people have been collecting handfuls or wildflower bouquets and I know that these flowers have names, I just don't know them.  Yet. 

We have a lovely stack of field guides, but the answers aren't always easy. 

I desperately wanted to know the name of this tree.

After looking through tree guides I ended up googling long phrases like "tree with frosty leaves and yellow flowers."  It came back with images of snow-covered trees and buttercups.  So I refined it with things like "bush with pale yellow flowers with 4 petals."  And after maybe 50 tries, my best guess is Russian Olive--an invasive tree species.  Who knew?

And here's what I came up for the flowers in our bouquets:

(I LOVE the little details of these flowers.  The similarities between the Birdsfoot Trefoil, Vetch and Clovers are much more obvious up close.  Naturally, they're all part of the Pea Family.  Amazing.;)

And someday, when I'm even better at identifying them, maybe I'll get brave enough to learn how to use them for some cool stuff. :)

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