Monday, June 02, 2014

Our Week in the Adirondacks

Top Ten from Last Week:

1.  Two Thursdays ago we left Beza with Nana and Pop for 11 days!  We missed her, but she had a blast!

2.  While Beza was chilling with some of her most favorite people, the rest of us headed way up into the Adirondacks to Lake Saranac for InterVarsity's Basiliea Retreat.  (Just like last year.)  J volunteered with the Vassar students while I got to be a part of the week's childcare team. :)
(Some of the fun stuff packed for our Camp, Space, Farm, Bug, Water and Volcano Days.)

3.  The Young Life Camp is beautiful.  Our "cabin."

4.  The views.

5.  Playing in the water.

Canoeing (and later, kayaking) on the lake.

6.  The food (and work crew) is unbelievable.  Three home-cooked meals every day for about 450 people.
(Mint-chocolate chip ice-cream pie.)

7.  And the coffee--essential. ;)

8.  To say that M was ecstatic to be with friends from last year would be an understatement.  (Such sweet girls. :)

9.  It was a full week of hanging out with some pretty cool kids.
(There were two awesome volunteers who were fantastic with the 3 littlest while the older 7 were playing with me. :)

Bug Day--filling the "hive" with "pollen/honey."  Then experimenting with other colors.

A mentos/soda volcano on Volcano Day.

Pausing a game of tag for a frog find.

The playground.

10.  After a full 7 days we headed out for one more adventure--our kids' dream come true--a trip to another country...

(More to come...)

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