Monday, June 23, 2014

Five for the Week

1.  Last week was the last official week of school for T, so we spent some time working on cards for teachers.  Oh, and for Father's Day for grandparents.  And this one is pretty sad, but also Mother's Day cards for grandparents too.  (Better late than never?)

2.  In preparation for summer, we found some new music that gets T's toes tapping.

3.  Our Praying Mantids hatched!  At 10:30 at night.  Since they were her idea (and she paid for half ;), she got to stay up to watch the show.  (We tried to wake up T, but we're pretty sure he was sleep walking. :)

4.  She STILL loves to wear things on her head.  (This is her "blue hair.")

5.  On Friday T "graduated" from kindergarten.  What an amazing gift his class has been this year.
Some of his best friends.

It was a pretty great week. :)

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