Monday, June 16, 2014

Five for the Week

Last week was terribly dismal.  Heavy, dark skies all around.

1.  It produced a bumper crop of yard mushrooms.

2.  There was a lot of block play.  (Tower by yours truly. ;)

After watching this, T spent a long afternoon making his own domino tracks.

3.  We celebrated Beza's birthday with friends a week early.  (With the most delicious cupcakes graciously made by our pastry chef friend. :)

4.  T had curriculum night as his school with a few Father's Day songs, too.  They did a butterfly play.  (Those are compound eyes and a proboscis.)

He told us that his favorite part of Kindergarten (besides the playground) was writing letters to one of his best friends, Hannah.

5.  And soccer is over for another season!  (M is expressing how happy we are to have our Saturdays back! :)

Thankful that this new week is starting off with sunny skies--yay!

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  1. Love love love!! Save that picture for their wedding reception;)