Monday, June 09, 2014

Five for the Week

A few things from last week...

1.  After driving past a Sonic, M was inspired to be her own server on skates.  She also makes the food she serves.  And that's just phenomenal.

Also, she makes placemats.

(What a moment captured. ;)

This, however, might be taking things a bit too far...
(The ants are eating well these days.  Oh my.)

2.  The week started with a bit of weeding.  The top picture includes 3 dead bushes and almost all of the brightest greens are sucker branches from the big tree.

And ended with truck-load of mulch (10 cubic yards--for future reference--because we can NEVER remember how much to order.).

It took J and I about 5 hours on Saturday to make it disappear.
(An after.)

3.  M and I celebrated our last morning together with both Beza and T in school for a LONG time.

4.  Meanwhile, Beza celebrated her birthday at school (2 weeks early) with some watermelon flowers.  (That she ate!)

5.  Speaking of fruit eating--she also devoured oranges at soccer.  Noteworthy. :)

It was such a beautiful week.  We're all looking forward to summer and a more carefree schedule.  2 weeks to go!

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