Monday, May 05, 2014

Ten For The Week

1.  Teepees.  
(These would be so much more fun if it weren't for those downright horrible ticks.  M woke up with one embedded in her head the next morning.  Ugh...)

2.  The Save-the-Lawn Battle continues.  We're pretty sure that we're dealing with a skunk.  (We found some tell-tale scat.)  My string "scarecrow" was no match for his mischief.  Enter the Yard Enforcer--a motion-activated sprinkler that works both day and night.  It's mostly working.  The battle continues.
(Channeling his inner skunk.  Ha. ;)

3.  Our latest technique for getting some fruits and vegetables into her diet--sell the baby food pouches as totally cool.  

4.  My weekly shopping partners.

5.  Beza has discovered the joy of Candyland.  (Thankfully M and T are more than eager to play it with her.)

6.  We have an ongoing discussion about our favorite foods.  It has always been neck-in-neck between dark chocolate and raspberries for M, T and me.  Then this week we all realized that our most favorite-favorite might actually be java-chip frappucinos.  

7.  On Friday Nana and Grammy Miller chilled with Beza (Thank You!) while the rest of us went into the city to have J's LASIK surgery touched-up (all part of the original plan).

(We were in the very front of the train--it's a straight on view of the track ahead.)
While J was at his appointment, M, T and I headed to the NYC Public Library and Bryant Park.

8.  After a few hours of pain, J's eye was feeling great and by the next morning he was ready for another Soccer Saturday.
9.  This is possibly the worst bedtime story we have ever read because both M and T found the whole part about the boy growing up and leaving behind the dragon terribly sad.  There were buckets of tears.
Thankfully we had this book on hand to lift their spirits.
(True story.)

10.  We ended the weekend with a little hike.

And that was a bit of our week. :)

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  1. Such fun! Did you see the adorable real life Piglet toy at the library? We also like that carousel, the rabbit is sought after by my girls.
    Happy Mother's Day!