Sunday, April 06, 2014

Two Weeks (Including The One I Didn't Shower)

10 Things from the Past Two Weeks

1.  FaceTime guitar concert.  A little Pure Imagination.

2.  A Patch Test.  No shower for 7 days while we tried to figure out what I may be allergic to.  Out of 80 possible suspects I'm allergic to just one.  (Good, yet inconclusive news.)

3.  Nana and Pop came to visit.  

4.  T went skiing in VT with the guys.  (I couldn't swallow skiing in the spring weather.)

5.  M and I went shopping in nearly every store imaginable while Nana chilled with Beza.
(Thanks, Nana and Pop!)

6.  April Fool's Day.  
While they were sleeping I switched T to our bed (where he ends up every night around 1 or 2 in the morning.  Beza to T's bed and M to Beza's bed.  That worked until 2 am when Beza woke up saying, "Mommy, I'm not in my bed!"  So, she went back to her bed and I carried M to T's bed.  It was a very complicated trick. ;)  Then, to make it even more confusing, I put our pillows on the bottom of our bed so that we slept upside-down.  

I also hid some bugs.  (And pretended that I had a heavy bucket full of water that I "spilled" on each one of them and baked up some "Brown-E's.")

They left notes around.

Bears in the van seats.

And came home from school wearing a mustache.

7.  "We" went frog hunting.

And capsized our boots.

8.  I have been ridiculously negligent in the homework department.  For various and assorted reasons we've been letting it pile up until the end of the week.  (Here's to better habits!)

9.  M and T were baptized today.  They were so excited and we're so excited for them.

10.  We have been loving these glorious spring days.  We spent the evening at the park.

Getting ready for this.  Soccer starts this week.  (And we haven't even put away the ski gear!) 
(Bez can't play until the fall--but she sure can run and kick!)

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