Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Break (Top 10)

Spring Break 2014
(A Photo Log)

1.  The week started so warm and lovely.

2.  And then "Bam!"  2" of snow.

3.  So the small crew and I headed to PA for a few days to play in the woods.

4.  We helped (just a very little) with collecting firewood.

 And drank some fresh-flowing sap.

5.  We dug up worms in the freshly plowed fields.

6.  And ended up kicking off our boots on the farm swing.
(Pre-boot loss.)

7.  Aunt Bubsy spent a day with us.
(She learned all of her moves from me. ;)

8.  Besides lots of outside time with my dad, I also had lots of late-night conversations with my mom.

9.  The pièce de résistance was the white-headed robin.

10.  After a good full-two days in PA, we headed home for Easter.  Actually, it was more like M woke up at 5am with a stomach bug and we fled the scene as soon as possible to prevent further contamination and to hopefully reach home before anyone else got sick.  (No one did.)

By Easter morning everyone was healthy and happy.  It was a beautiful day.
(Totally loved the way that without any input from us they made sure they each had equal amounts of eggs.  J did think it was a little sad that I only put one M&M, or even worse, one yogurt-covered raisin, in each egg.  Hahaha--perhaps.  But, they don't know any differently so it works.  For now. :) 

It was a great break. :)

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