Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sometimes I Actually Have My Own Pile

I'm a binge-reader.  Late winter tends to be my most prolific reading time of the year.  My current reads...

Two of My Most Favorite Parenting Books Ever:

(Sally Clarkson?  I can't get enough.)

Trying to Figure out Food Stuff:

A Bit More Cerebral:




A Must-Read With The Kids
(I read this in one night.  I didn't like it when I first started--I didn't get the point of reading a fictional story about a boy with a facial deformation when there are so many true inspiring stories.  But by the end I was left thinking--wow--this was powerful--what a great way to get me (and my crew) to think about other people--to grow in compassion.  So, so good.  We're reading it out loud now.)

For Fun:

(I'm very slowly reading Knowing God by Name: A Girlfriends in God Faith Adventurewith a group of mom friends.)

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