Monday, April 14, 2014

Fun: Through A Different Lense

We found what we hoped would be a very cool caterpillar on a walk yesterday.  The huge orange eyes fooled us.  From all that we can tell we actually happed upon a pesky cutworm.  Very anticlimactic. 

But, it inspired M to grab the camera to capture a few shots "for the blog."  (Oh, my.)

And so, a bit of the world, through her eyes--


Pussy willows.


Rollerblades.  Staged.

Chill-out spot.

Peanuts.  Left on the deck to feed the squirrels.  Container with obvious chew marks.  Eaten by T who asked J if it was okay.  (Thankfully T did not meet with the same demise as the "Found a Peanut" guy.)

Treasure.  (Aka a broken beer bottle found in the mulch.  Or gold.)

The lawn guy.  (Grubs...)

What I do while the lawn guy works. ;)

Each other.

Squirrel who also found a peanut.

The end.

(I LOVE her work. :)

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