Friday, April 11, 2014

Five for the Week

1.  After a little thought, I realize that yesterday's post should have been titled...

Because this is just a little of what our house looks like right now...
Laundry.  Everywhere.  It turns out that the (new) hamper in the hallway can hold three over-the-top baskets full of laundry when you vacuum pack it.  (I thought the kids were having an unsually light laundry week since the hamper wasn't overflowing.  Then I opened it and realized they had been having a blast smashing it in.  Fun.)  That's also three loads to put away on my bed and another three in my closet.  Weekend plans, I suppose.

And a bit of the rest of the house.

2.  The garage is full of all of those boxes because this week we finally delivered on a promise we made last fall.  Completely self-motivated, they did in fact break their thumb-sucking habits all on their own.  And so this week we've been rollerblading.
(They are very cute and getting better every day.  But this is my favorite roller-blading picture.  I mean, look at that form.  Perfection.)

3.  It has been so nice out that we've been walking to school.
We had been taking the short-cut up that hill straight ahead.  Until...
Long after dropping T off for the morning, Beza came running up to me saying there was a spider on her rabbit-ear headband.  Yeah, that's no spider.  That's bad news.  Ticks spoil everything.

4.  Needless to say, now we're sticking to the pavement.  Where we've been rescuing worms.
(This Wild Kratts does an awesome job of explaining why worms come out of the ground when it rains. Who knew?)

A few of them are actually residing in this lovely vase.  

5.  But even more loved than the worms are these ants.

M and T have literally spent hours watching these ants inside the front door.  And feeding them. Constantly feeding them.

Which was all fine and dandy until they found the ant traps that J had put out.  Which resulted in this.

The Save the Ants Campaign.

And that's our week.  Messy and bug-filled with a bit of fun mixed in.

Happy Weekend!

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