Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Five for Last Week

A few bits to remember from last week...

1.  Crazy hat days.  (And backwards day for T--Not only did he wear his pants backwards but he also wore his shoes on the wrong feet for all of school.  It doesn't even phase him.)
(Super cool hats made by Nana with matching aprons.)

2.  The yummy bananas and spicy quinoa I had two days in row that totally grossed out my "lunch buddies."

3.  The yard that is under attack by skunks?  Racoons?  Crows?  All of the above?  M and I created what we hoped would spell "way-scary-stay-away-yard-diggers" scarecrow-like art with string and ribbon tied between skewers.  Crazy ugly.  It did keep the crows away.  Skunks and/or raccoons--not so much.  This battle is to be continued...

4.  The tiny turtle we found on the driveway.

5.  We're getting close to finishing up a lot of this year's school so we've been playing review games.  Fun stuff.

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