Tuesday, March 04, 2014

What I Learned in February

Just a few things...

1.  I think the thing I dislike most about flying is that once you're strapped in and taking off you're stuck there.  Kind-of like on a roller coaster--once you start up that hill, you know that there's no escape.  And I guess I just don't love that lack of control.  (Shocking.)  But the views--I do like the views.  (NYC.)

2.  The robins came back for a few days, taunting us with the sounds of spring.

3.  Meanwhile, we discovered snow piles taller than buildings.  (Sigh.)  (And how is that possible?  What gets it that high?)

4.  I learned the useful craft of making paper cranes.  Spring-y bunting material.

5.  Since blogging, I've started to call J "J" as in the letter, not the name "Jay."

6. It is a sad thing to break your kindle (by crushing a rogue kid-marker between my knee and its screen).  Luckily, we have a few kindles to spare and I tend to use my phone screen the most for kindle-reading.  (Strange, but true.)

7.  Okay, and this one is admittedly a bit gross.  It's my hairdryer.  It's disgusting.  But, I don't even notice.  It has years and years and years of hair product build-up.  The only way I know this is because J used it to do something with ski boots and was freaked out.  Rightly so.

It's just--it's been such a good hairdryer.  Actually, it's a stolen hairdryer.  When M was a baby we stayed at a hotel for a wedding. When we left I took her down to the car while J grabbed our luggage.  He grabbed the loose hairdryer in the bathroom assuming it was mine (since it wasn't the usual hotel attached-to-the-wall kind).  When we got home many hours later I discovered the contraband loot.  (I have no idea--perhaps they charged us for it.)  Anyway, it has been simply fabulous all of these years.  (Though quite sticky apparently.) (And I only recently looked it up on Amazon and saw that I could get another one--who knew they still made it?)

(I know...it's bad...)

And that's just a bit of what I learned in February.

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