Monday, March 31, 2014

The Haircut We Didn't See Coming :)

The girl who cried when Rapunzel's hair was all cut off because of the tragedy of losing such beautiful, long locks, got a shocking-to-us haircut this past week. :)

Tired of the perpetual knots in her hair and inspired by one of her best friends, Hannah, these are some of the things she's been writing in her journal (shared with permission :)...

The 8" Difference Before and Afters:

She was SO excited!  Shockingly, I was the one who wanted to cry. :)  She is beautiful--I LOVE her new haircut.  We are so proud of her!  (This was completely her idea--we didn't talk to her about it at all--she asked us about it and kept asking when she could get it done--reading her school journal made me make the call. :) 

And she is totally rocking this hat. :)

(She donated her hair to Children With Hair Loss.)

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  1. I love the title "Sad but Good"! She looks adorable, it suits her. My younger always looks more "her" (if that makes sense) with shorter hair and her older sister looks more herself in longer.