Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday

A few things from the week...

1.  I finally made Beza her own "torn paper" art.  (Like M and T's bear art.)  

2.  I've been painting.  Well, more like RE-painting.
First, the basement stairs.  The last time I painted these I painted up the steps (so that I wouldn't get trapped in the basement.).  This time J brilliantly suggested that I just paint every-other step.  (Where was he the first time?) (And most of the trim and doors all over the house.)

Then, I thought I wanted to make all of my walls white.  Or light gray/white-ish.  So I started in my bathroom (with Benjamin Moore paints).  
First, I painted it a very nice shade of gray.  I liked it.  But, it was too dark and too cool-toned to imagine all over the house.

The next try was a nice light gray color--almost white.  But still, too cool.

Then I went creamier.  And while it's a lovely, soft color, I just didn't love it.  

And the more I painted and searched for colors, I realized that I do really just love things they way they are.  Leaving me to repaint the bathroom one last time in its original color.  ("Captured Moment" from Home Depot.)

3.  More signs of spring.  The streets have been cleaned!  (A sure sign that spring is just around the corner.)

And there are new birds every day.  These have been here most of the winter, but how funny is his body?  It looks like such a rotund little bird, but when it stretches its neck it looks completely different!

4.  The blond boys.  Because of a two-hour delay on Thursday T got to hang out with my friends that are usually around when he's at school.  Tage is 2 years younger and totally looks like a mini-T.

5.  We had fun celebrating a little friend's birthday (with good friends and such a beautiful and delicious cake).

And that's just a little of what we've been up to this week. :)

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