Saturday, March 08, 2014

Five for the Week

A few very random things from our week...

1.  We've been watching these eagles and their hatchling ALL week long.

2.  Winter has definitely been wintery, but we're kind-of ready to put these away.

We bought a few plants this week to make things a bit more spring-y.

And having it stay lighter longer has been a sight for sore eyes.  (Blue sky at 6pm.)

3.  They turned this simple track...

Into a huge village overnight.

4.  My sister has been in Disney World all week.  We spent the time photo texting pics like this.

Her dessert vs. mine.

Two Prince Charmings. ;)

5.  This is what lunch looks like most days.  With a side of crackers and cheese and raisins it's Beza's favorite meal.
(T: "Mommy, why are you taking pictures of our sandwiches?"  Because someday you might forget this and if I take a picture you can always remember. :)

Happy Weekend!

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