Monday, March 24, 2014

Five for Last Week

1.  The week started with St. Patrick's Day.  (Which was not nearly as mischievious as last year.) 

And an obsession with these healthy mint shakes.  (Seriously ADDICTED to theses.)

2.  We saw a Little Cloud/Mixed-Up Cameleon/Hungry Caterpillar play with school.
(Beza's blossoming artistic interpretations. :)

3.  We have been cheering and praying for our little 3-year-old neighbor who has been fighting leukemia since this past summer.  She had a bone marrow transplant on Thursday...

4.  T is still madly in love with Zoobs.  A zoob-dactyl.

5.  To celebrate the arrival of Spring the van finally got a good scrub-down.  
(Bez wasn't so sure about the whole thing. :)

Hoping this is the week that Spring-y weather returns. :)

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