Monday, March 31, 2014

The Haircut We Didn't See Coming :)

The girl who cried when Rapunzel's hair was all cut off because of the tragedy of losing such beautiful, long locks, got a shocking-to-us haircut this past week. :)

Tired of the perpetual knots in her hair and inspired by one of her best friends, Hannah, these are some of the things she's been writing in her journal (shared with permission :)...

The 8" Difference Before and Afters:

She was SO excited!  Shockingly, I was the one who wanted to cry. :)  She is beautiful--I LOVE her new haircut.  We are so proud of her!  (This was completely her idea--we didn't talk to her about it at all--she asked us about it and kept asking when she could get it done--reading her school journal made me make the call. :) 

And she is totally rocking this hat. :)

(She donated her hair to Children With Hair Loss.)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sometimes We're Inspired (A Novice UV Play)

Last week we were inspired to put on our own version of the Eric Carle production that we saw using puppets and ultra-violet lights.  From way back in the day when I worked in a preschool I had outlines of all of the Little Cloud clouds.  So, with the addition of a few UV bulbs and paint lights (from Home Depot), a quickly put-together neon-painted town scene, and black long-underwear, hats and gloves, we managed to pull off a fun little play on our basement stage.

(I love how I can see their faces when I lighten the photos. :)

The Play:

(Background water sound courtesy of the sump pump. ;)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Five for Last Week

1.  The week started with St. Patrick's Day.  (Which was not nearly as mischievious as last year.) 

And an obsession with these healthy mint shakes.  (Seriously ADDICTED to theses.)

2.  We saw a Little Cloud/Mixed-Up Cameleon/Hungry Caterpillar play with school.
(Beza's blossoming artistic interpretations. :)

3.  We have been cheering and praying for our little 3-year-old neighbor who has been fighting leukemia since this past summer.  She had a bone marrow transplant on Thursday...

4.  T is still madly in love with Zoobs.  A zoob-dactyl.

5.  To celebrate the arrival of Spring the van finally got a good scrub-down.  
(Bez wasn't so sure about the whole thing. :)

Hoping this is the week that Spring-y weather returns. :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Funnies: When They Come

When my parents come there is always a lot of laughter.  

Staying true to form, my dad showed up in a snow-colored ghillie suit (of course). 

Then, M and T took turns trying to blend into my tree and moss decor.
(These would be amazing for getting up close to birds.)

They came to celebrate T's birthday.

M and T were curious about why Grandpa's shirt was so filled out.  He said the better to hold up the American Flag on his shirt (his signature look).  (Posted by request by my mom. ;)

When my family visits it's always a whirlwind.  They come after lunch on Saturday and leave before 9 the next morning.  But I thought they were taking their early departure to a whole new level when I heard someone in the shower at 3:30 in the morning.  Apparently my mom woke up and thought that it was 6:30.  She didn't discover the real time until she went downstairs for breakfast and saw that it wasn't even 4 in the morning.  Oh, I wish I could have seen her face! (But I was in bed--sleeping.) :)

We LOVE it when they come--lots of great conversations and laughs. :) 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday

A few things from the week...

1.  I finally made Beza her own "torn paper" art.  (Like M and T's bear art.)  

2.  I've been painting.  Well, more like RE-painting.
First, the basement stairs.  The last time I painted these I painted up the steps (so that I wouldn't get trapped in the basement.).  This time J brilliantly suggested that I just paint every-other step.  (Where was he the first time?) (And most of the trim and doors all over the house.)

Then, I thought I wanted to make all of my walls white.  Or light gray/white-ish.  So I started in my bathroom (with Benjamin Moore paints).  
First, I painted it a very nice shade of gray.  I liked it.  But, it was too dark and too cool-toned to imagine all over the house.

The next try was a nice light gray color--almost white.  But still, too cool.

Then I went creamier.  And while it's a lovely, soft color, I just didn't love it.  

And the more I painted and searched for colors, I realized that I do really just love things they way they are.  Leaving me to repaint the bathroom one last time in its original color.  ("Captured Moment" from Home Depot.)

3.  More signs of spring.  The streets have been cleaned!  (A sure sign that spring is just around the corner.)

And there are new birds every day.  These have been here most of the winter, but how funny is his body?  It looks like such a rotund little bird, but when it stretches its neck it looks completely different!

4.  The blond boys.  Because of a two-hour delay on Thursday T got to hang out with my friends that are usually around when he's at school.  Tage is 2 years younger and totally looks like a mini-T.

5.  We had fun celebrating a little friend's birthday (with good friends and such a beautiful and delicious cake).

And that's just a little of what we've been up to this week. :)

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Five for the Week

A few very random things from our week...

1.  We've been watching these eagles and their hatchling ALL week long.

2.  Winter has definitely been wintery, but we're kind-of ready to put these away.

We bought a few plants this week to make things a bit more spring-y.

And having it stay lighter longer has been a sight for sore eyes.  (Blue sky at 6pm.)

3.  They turned this simple track...

Into a huge village overnight.

4.  My sister has been in Disney World all week.  We spent the time photo texting pics like this.

Her dessert vs. mine.

Two Prince Charmings. ;)

5.  This is what lunch looks like most days.  With a side of crackers and cheese and raisins it's Beza's favorite meal.
(T: "Mommy, why are you taking pictures of our sandwiches?"  Because someday you might forget this and if I take a picture you can always remember. :)

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

What I Learned in February

Just a few things...

1.  I think the thing I dislike most about flying is that once you're strapped in and taking off you're stuck there.  Kind-of like on a roller coaster--once you start up that hill, you know that there's no escape.  And I guess I just don't love that lack of control.  (Shocking.)  But the views--I do like the views.  (NYC.)

2.  The robins came back for a few days, taunting us with the sounds of spring.

3.  Meanwhile, we discovered snow piles taller than buildings.  (Sigh.)  (And how is that possible?  What gets it that high?)

4.  I learned the useful craft of making paper cranes.  Spring-y bunting material.

5.  Since blogging, I've started to call J "J" as in the letter, not the name "Jay."

6. It is a sad thing to break your kindle (by crushing a rogue kid-marker between my knee and its screen).  Luckily, we have a few kindles to spare and I tend to use my phone screen the most for kindle-reading.  (Strange, but true.)

7.  Okay, and this one is admittedly a bit gross.  It's my hairdryer.  It's disgusting.  But, I don't even notice.  It has years and years and years of hair product build-up.  The only way I know this is because J used it to do something with ski boots and was freaked out.  Rightly so.

It's just--it's been such a good hairdryer.  Actually, it's a stolen hairdryer.  When M was a baby we stayed at a hotel for a wedding. When we left I took her down to the car while J grabbed our luggage.  He grabbed the loose hairdryer in the bathroom assuming it was mine (since it wasn't the usual hotel attached-to-the-wall kind).  When we got home many hours later I discovered the contraband loot.  (I have no idea--perhaps they charged us for it.)  Anyway, it has been simply fabulous all of these years.  (Though quite sticky apparently.) (And I only recently looked it up on Amazon and saw that I could get another one--who knew they still made it?)

(I's bad...)

And that's just a bit of what I learned in February.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Funnies: Blending In

With the wall in Children's Church.

If only it were real...

Sunday, March 02, 2014

10 for 2 (Weeks)

Playing a little catch-up. :)

A quick review of the past two weeks...
1. On T's birthday (2 Wednesdays ago), M and T got to be a part of a friend's cooking class.  They made DELICIOUS pizza and salad with homemade dressing. 

2.  We're studying bugs right now.  Incidentally, winter is not the optimal time for hands-on bug learning.  Fortunately (for us), Becca has an over-abundance of stink bugs and she's willing to share.  (We got a new "shipment" of them today.  Yay. ;)

3.  We got to eat out at the kids' favorite restaurant last week.  While the fact that the restaurant serves pancakes all day long already puts it in good favor, it's the phone booth that pushes it over the top.

4.  M and T went to a birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese last weekend.  Friends and tickets--a birthday party favorite! :)

5.  T has been "organizing" the kids' bathroom almost every day.  He wedges the soap behind the faucet and the floss right under the handle.  (Where, oh where, could he possibly get this stuff from?)

6.  Because the snow is so hard-packed and frozen it's kind-of fun to walk on (until you suddenly fall through...).  We found a frozen pond in the woods to explore.

7.  Thursday was the 100th day of school.

8.  M (and then Beza) have been under the weather this week with a fever/cough.  Poor girl fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow on my bed at 7:45p for story time. (That NEVER happens.)

9.  We've been trying to have Friday morning dates--just the two of us (though Bez got to tag along this week because of her cold.)

10.  We went to a pancake breakfast yesterday morning to benefit our CareNet--we took 2 cars because it turns out someone who just had a birthday is growing like nobody's business and needs all new shirts so that his belly isn't always sticking out.  (Stop growing!)  After the breakfast I took the oldest 2 shopping while J went home with Beza.  They look just so little in the back of the car...

Whew!  And now that's all caught up!  Enjoy the rest of the weekend! :)