Friday, February 07, 2014

The Week (A Few Snapshots)

We got all spontaneous and took the small crew to see Frozen while we were out running errands on Saturday.  They LOVED it.

He fell asleep one night sitting up.  Bless his heart.

Then-- It snowed.   A lot.

A little on Monday.  We walked to school to pick up T.

And that was the perfect day for me to try out my new ski boots.  I haven't been on the slopes in 9 years and when I tried my old boots on earlier this year, they literally cracked in half.  Ha! (It's been a long time since I've swooshed down a mountain.  But I made it back all in one piece. ;)

We got even more snow on Wed.

And Beza?  This week she added 5-fingered hands to her people.

And this is what hair day looks like. :)  

Whew!  And it's already the weekend!  Have a great one! :)

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