Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The Stuff She Says

Keeps my mind working overtime (in the best possible way). :)

"You know in the Bible when Lot's wife turned around and she turned to salt?  Well, how did they know that?  Didn't they have to turn around to see what happened to her?  I guess she must have been walking in front of them."

Reading the story of Sinbad from The Thousand and One Nights when he goes off to seek adventure and just as his ship comes upon a beautiful island--
"If I were a character in a story I would never go on a beautiful island.  Something bad always happens."  
"Well, yes, and then you would make a very smart character."
(The island turned out to be a giant fish.)

Talking about how during the Middle Ages in China they developed a technique for making copies using carved wooden blocks and about how that made mass producing books much faster.
"But it wastes ink." 
"Well, unless you mean that they carved around the letters so that only the letters got ink on them.  Because carving them into the wood would waste ink covering the whole page with ink except for the letters." 

"How do you know God is real?"  "What is Heaven like?"  "I can't imagine what it must be like to never argue there.  You might say, 'I like your shirt.'  Then the other person might say, 'No, I like your shirt better.'  Then they would be arguing trying to be nice."  "How can it be that God has been there forever?..."

And then there's this... (In the best possible way.) :)
Wearing "sunglasses" for the bright light he's shining in his own eyes. :)

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