Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Last Week We Were Completely Spoiled (10 Reasons)

We got to spend last week in Breckenridge, Colorado.  We were completely spoiled.  A few reasons why...

1.  Packing snafus.  We arrived at the airport on Friday evening with all of our gear--skiis, ski boots, helmets, goggles, clothes, long underwear, winter boots, snacks, toys, and car seats (x3).  

Well, almost all of our gear.  When we hopped out of the van we said, "Grab your coats!"  "What coats?" they said.  Bah!  No kid ski coats!  M at least had a coat.  T--not so much.

BUT, a quick stop at Walmart solved the problem for just $9.00.

2.  The traveling with kids.  They were awesome travelers.  Even with late nights (we didn't crawl into bed until 2am Colorado time (4am Red House time) on Friday night), lots of walking, and skiing every day for 6 days. 

Keeping busy on the airplane.

Chilling quietly after a day of skiing.  Under the table.  Naturally.

"Working" in their "offices."

 Lots of reading.

3.  The Lodging.  We stayed at a ski-out/ski-in condo.  (So we never had to load up all of our gear, drive, unload and suit up--we literally just took the elevator to the ground floor, grabbed our skis and skied down to the lift.  Sweet.)

(Watching PBS.)
One of Beza's favorite (and coveted) condo features--the door wedge.

4.  And the views--Amazing.

The sun rising behind the mountain that you can't see in the picture above because of the snow.

5.  Keeping up with laundry--that made traveling lighter and much less work when we came home.  We walked down to the lodge for quarters and (expensive) treats and then back up the big hill to do our "chores." :)
6.  The transportation.  We arrived in a blizzard and couldn't drive up to the condo.  The awesome manager met up with us and drove us and all of our luggage and groceries up the impassable rode.  Then J got chains for the rental van for the rest of the week.  But, the kids and I mostly used the gondola. We could ride from the lodge straight to downtown for fun shopping (the toy store!) and eating.

7.  The skiing.  It snowed every day but Tuesday (my personal favorite ski day). 
I skied just three days (Sunday, Tuesday and Friday).

I love skiing for the views.

They skied every day.
They seem to love it for the speed. ;)  They both wanted to do a double-black diamond with Daddy and Pop almost every day.  (Who are these people?!) ;)

(Their favorite--Mach 1.)

8.  The people.  We spent the whole week with Nana and Pop and Uncle Ron and Aunt Arlene.  (I would have fallen way more times and have been way more intimidated by the steep slopes if Uncle Ron and Aunt Arlene didn't lead the way. :)

They cooked us yummy breakfasts and dinners.  Hung out with Beza while I skied.  And loved our little people well. :)

We even got to celebrate T's birthday a few days early with them.

9.  The dig-out.  While we were living it up in the snow out west, we were getting dumped on back at home.  Our awesome neighbors and friends dug us out of nearly 2' of snow.  Now that's spoiled!

10.  The stored-up memories.  (And coming home with no broken bones):)

The kids got to check out the cockpit on our flight back.

And finally home. :)

It was a great week!  We're very thankful for the opportunity to travel and to experience life together.

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