Sunday, February 23, 2014

Funnies: When I Need a Pick-Me-Up

I just watch this...

I found this like 2 weeks ago.  The open-mouthed smile is too much!  I think she was 5 1/2.  It both hurts my heart and cracks me up. :)

It's a happy dose of M. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Birthday--He's 6...

On Wednesday morning we woke up with a 6-year-old...

Happy Birthday to the little buddy who makes us laugh like no one else and never ceases to amaze us with his confidence.  We love you!  (And we just want to bottle you up!:)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Last Week We Were Completely Spoiled (10 Reasons)

We got to spend last week in Breckenridge, Colorado.  We were completely spoiled.  A few reasons why...

1.  Packing snafus.  We arrived at the airport on Friday evening with all of our gear--skiis, ski boots, helmets, goggles, clothes, long underwear, winter boots, snacks, toys, and car seats (x3).  

Well, almost all of our gear.  When we hopped out of the van we said, "Grab your coats!"  "What coats?" they said.  Bah!  No kid ski coats!  M at least had a coat.  T--not so much.

BUT, a quick stop at Walmart solved the problem for just $9.00.

2.  The traveling with kids.  They were awesome travelers.  Even with late nights (we didn't crawl into bed until 2am Colorado time (4am Red House time) on Friday night), lots of walking, and skiing every day for 6 days. 

Keeping busy on the airplane.

Chilling quietly after a day of skiing.  Under the table.  Naturally.

"Working" in their "offices."

 Lots of reading.

3.  The Lodging.  We stayed at a ski-out/ski-in condo.  (So we never had to load up all of our gear, drive, unload and suit up--we literally just took the elevator to the ground floor, grabbed our skis and skied down to the lift.  Sweet.)

(Watching PBS.)
One of Beza's favorite (and coveted) condo features--the door wedge.

4.  And the views--Amazing.

The sun rising behind the mountain that you can't see in the picture above because of the snow.

5.  Keeping up with laundry--that made traveling lighter and much less work when we came home.  We walked down to the lodge for quarters and (expensive) treats and then back up the big hill to do our "chores." :)
6.  The transportation.  We arrived in a blizzard and couldn't drive up to the condo.  The awesome manager met up with us and drove us and all of our luggage and groceries up the impassable rode.  Then J got chains for the rental van for the rest of the week.  But, the kids and I mostly used the gondola. We could ride from the lodge straight to downtown for fun shopping (the toy store!) and eating.

7.  The skiing.  It snowed every day but Tuesday (my personal favorite ski day). 
I skied just three days (Sunday, Tuesday and Friday).

I love skiing for the views.

They skied every day.
They seem to love it for the speed. ;)  They both wanted to do a double-black diamond with Daddy and Pop almost every day.  (Who are these people?!) ;)

(Their favorite--Mach 1.)

8.  The people.  We spent the whole week with Nana and Pop and Uncle Ron and Aunt Arlene.  (I would have fallen way more times and have been way more intimidated by the steep slopes if Uncle Ron and Aunt Arlene didn't lead the way. :)

They cooked us yummy breakfasts and dinners.  Hung out with Beza while I skied.  And loved our little people well. :)

We even got to celebrate T's birthday a few days early with them.

9.  The dig-out.  While we were living it up in the snow out west, we were getting dumped on back at home.  Our awesome neighbors and friends dug us out of nearly 2' of snow.  Now that's spoiled!

10.  The stored-up memories.  (And coming home with no broken bones):)

The kids got to check out the cockpit on our flight back.

And finally home. :)

It was a great week!  We're very thankful for the opportunity to travel and to experience life together.

Friday, February 07, 2014

The Week (A Few Snapshots)

We got all spontaneous and took the small crew to see Frozen while we were out running errands on Saturday.  They LOVED it.

He fell asleep one night sitting up.  Bless his heart.

Then-- It snowed.   A lot.

A little on Monday.  We walked to school to pick up T.

And that was the perfect day for me to try out my new ski boots.  I haven't been on the slopes in 9 years and when I tried my old boots on earlier this year, they literally cracked in half.  Ha! (It's been a long time since I've swooshed down a mountain.  But I made it back all in one piece. ;)

We got even more snow on Wed.

And Beza?  This week she added 5-fingered hands to her people.

And this is what hair day looks like. :)  

Whew!  And it's already the weekend!  Have a great one! :)

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The Stuff She Says

Keeps my mind working overtime (in the best possible way). :)

"You know in the Bible when Lot's wife turned around and she turned to salt?  Well, how did they know that?  Didn't they have to turn around to see what happened to her?  I guess she must have been walking in front of them."

Reading the story of Sinbad from The Thousand and One Nights when he goes off to seek adventure and just as his ship comes upon a beautiful island--
"If I were a character in a story I would never go on a beautiful island.  Something bad always happens."  
"Well, yes, and then you would make a very smart character."
(The island turned out to be a giant fish.)

Talking about how during the Middle Ages in China they developed a technique for making copies using carved wooden blocks and about how that made mass producing books much faster.
"But it wastes ink." 
"Well, unless you mean that they carved around the letters so that only the letters got ink on them.  Because carving them into the wood would waste ink covering the whole page with ink except for the letters." 

"How do you know God is real?"  "What is Heaven like?"  "I can't imagine what it must be like to never argue there.  You might say, 'I like your shirt.'  Then the other person might say, 'No, I like your shirt better.'  Then they would be arguing trying to be nice."  "How can it be that God has been there forever?..."

And then there's this... (In the best possible way.) :)
Wearing "sunglasses" for the bright light he's shining in his own eyes. :)

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

What I Learned in January

1.  If you give your kids your old (battery-less) cell phones (during the It's-A-New-Year-Yearly-Purge), you will find out exactly how you sound with yours when you take a picture.
"Smile, Mommy."
"Oh, that's a good one."
"You didn't smile.  I have to delete that one."
"Hold on.  Let me get the camera button."
"I'm taking a video.  Look over here."

2.  Also, if you are J and you are ready to give your kids your old cell phones because you haven't used them in years and you are so positive that you will never need them again, you might throw out the batteries.  A few days later you might regret that decision when you realize that you can actually use those phones to keep track of your kids on the slopes.  In particular the one who wandered away by following someone he thought was daddy and you had to call out the for-real search crew to find him.  And then you have to re-buy batteries you just had...

3.  The fastest way to turn that frown upside down is to say, "Don't smile!"  (Also, my littlest shopping partner travels sans stroller these days.)

4.  I could stare at this eye color all day.

5.  I'm so very thankful for teachers who inspire moments like these.  (Making crafts with his furry class.)

And that's just a little of what I learned in January. :)

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Five for the Week

This week...

1.  We had fun making our stuffed animals (and cat) talk using the Morfo app.

2.  We started getting an actual newspaper delivered to our door.  Every. day.  Via the postal system.

3.  Dude woke up with a stomach bug on Thursday leading the oldest in a rampage against such things.

4.  While he (and Beza, in case she's harboring any shared bugs) stayed home from school to recover today, we snuck out for Starbucks treats and to finish listening to Alice in Wonderland. (Another one of those stories that I have somehow managed to have never read before.)

5.  And Beza's artwork always makes us smile.  Love her people.  (The third one has a bit of a gleam in his eye, yes?)

Happy Weekend.  (Or "Daddy Days Home" as they call it around here.)