Friday, January 31, 2014

We've Been Reading (The Never-Ending List)

The Children of Noisy Village
This book was so good that we stayed up late to finish reading it all in one day.

 Definitely a read-a-loud because there are a few brief parts that I had to skim over, but I LOVE this book.  One of my goals is to show these little people examples of real people who have walked through the tough stuff of this world well--and I think this book gave us some good conversation starters.

Falling Up (Shel Silverstein)
The Missing Piece (Shel Silverstein)

For School

M's Reads
(7-8 years old)

Nancy Drew and The Clue Crew
Camp Creepy 

And then she got burned out on mysteries and moved on to these...

The Year of Billy Miller

Meghan Rose On Stage

Grandma's Attic
More Stories from Grandma's Attic (Grandma's Attic Series)
Still More Stories from Grandma's Attic (Grandma's Attic Series)

The Talented Clementine

The Double Dabble Surprise
The Chicken Pox Panic
The Crazy Christmas Angel Mystery
No Grown-ups Allowed
Frog Power
The Mystery of Case D. Luc

Cul-de-sac Kids Books 7-12
The Stinky Sneakers Mystery
Pickle Pizza
Mailbox Mania
The Mudhole Mystery
The Crabby Cat Caper

What We Didn't Finish
The Story of the Trapp Family Singers
We LOVED the first part that we started--we even read the part about Christmas about a week before Christmas--I love it when the timing matches up like that.  BUT, it's a really long book and we have a huge list of other books that we're reading. (And we've maxed out our renewals.)  Someday I hope that we'll finish this one--I really like her writing style.

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny--Detectives Extraordinaire! (Audio)
I think this is pretty funny, but the humor was above their current level so they weren't really liking it.  We might come back to this some day because it is clever.

The Mysterious Benedict Society
Another clever book that they will probably LOVE in a few years.

(This only took me about 2 weeks to write!  Whew!  It's amazing how quickly I forget what we read--these lists are clutch in helping me to remember so that someday I'll be able to re-read some of these again with Beza.  Also, it totally works as a list to add to our quarterly homeschooling reports--like the one due quite soon. ;) 

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  1. We love those Noisy Village books so much. We reread them over and over, especially at Christmas time. I also found movie versions of them, so well done. They are VHS but well worth getting.