Thursday, January 09, 2014

This is Better Than Bilbo Baggins' Cake...Or Not

T has been on a Hobbit kick.  (They're reading it for the second time with J.)

Last week, T said that my breakfast dish was so good--"Better than Bilbo Baggins' cake!"  The next day he said that maybe Bilbo Baggins cake was actually better.

Me: Do you even know what Bilbo Baggins' cake tastes like?

T: Well, no, but I know it's really good.

Me: *Sigh* Well, if you're going to compare my food to someone else's you should at least know what it tastes like.  Let's go--we're going to make one.

T: No, Bilbo Baggins made the cake by himself.  I help with the dishes.

J: He's right.


A quick search turned up a lot of recipes with English measurements.  I settled on this one, making the conversions and replacing the caraway seeds with poppy seeds.  It is actually really good--like a hint-of-lemon pound cake.  T LOVES it.  (Although in his imagination he thought it would be covered with blue icing.)

Our recipe.  (Modified from the original HERE.)

It makes a great afternoon snack.  Complete with fork and knife pounding (and Dwarf faces).

While singing this song.  (That's what Bilbo Baggins hates!)

Isn't this what everyone does in the afternoon? ;)

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  1. Love! I need to try this - looks so tasty! :) I love the Hobbit too. :)