Monday, January 13, 2014

Funnies: The Stuff He Says

T has been on a roll lately.  Here are a few of his latest and greatest.

A text from J while skiing.
From the slopes--sitting in the lodge at the top of the mountain eating a much anticipated brownie.
J: Was it as good as you imagined?
T: Yes...I think it's even a little better than I imagined.

And then...
T:  Daddy,  I think I'm the 100 millionth person.
J:  Oh, yeah.  Why is that?
T:  Because there are so many people!  I think I'm the 100 millionth ever made.

His thoughts on school pictures.
"As a kid, and I don't know, maybe when I'm bigger I'll change my mind, but I would never buy those photos.  You could just take your own.  You could just look at them and put on the same clothes and take your own picture."

A few more.
J: It's supposed to snow over a foot in the mountains.
T:  Wow!  It might even snow two foots!
T: Two feet!

After trimming his new winter beard considerably, J asked if anyone noticed anything different about his face.  M noticed right away.  T did not.
J: Ask her what is different about me.
T:  (Turning to M) What is different about me?

Little guy definitely keeps us laughing (without even trying). :)

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