Saturday, January 25, 2014

Five for the Week

Around here lately...

We've been hibernating.
(And if I'm lucky, this little guy will snuggle up and sleep nearby.)

And when we're not under warm blankets (wearing long underwear, 3 layers and fleecy slippers), we're eating.
Jicama is our new favorite healthy snack.  (Super yummy dipped in guacamole.)

And this week--pumpkin cupcakes (not muffins) with maple cream cheese frosting.
We did escape out to "Math Night" on Friday. ;)
 (Their favorite game--graphing M&M colors--because what's more fun than graphing?  Oh, right--eating M&M's.)

Also, the deer have been making frequent appearances around here.  We love watching them because sometimes you might just catch them doing this move...

or this. :)

Have a great weekend!  (Stay warm!)

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