Monday, January 20, 2014

Five for the Week

This week's highlights are courtesy of Nana who came to stay for almost the whole week!

1.  But, the week started with hanging out with (aka "babysitting") a few of our little friends.  The kids laughed their heads off watching Cinderella and then J read the whole crew a pile of books before they went home.

2.  Nana came on Tuesday and left on Sunday morning.  She was the queen of games and books and snuggles.  (And endless patience. :)

2.  She also insisted that I take an afternoon off AND J and I got to go out three nights in a row!
(The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, a french restaurant and a meeting at church.)

3.  We got a bit of snow on Saturday.  What better time to realize that the freezer was frozen?

4.  It was also the perfect weather for trying out my new snowboots--and to "piant" the snow with colored water in spray bottles.  (To save on shoe storage space I had been using my rain boots with fleece liners--and they just weren't cutting the mustard.)  Snowboots that I apparently should have been wearing on Sunday morning when I was on my way to the car with my arms full of a box of balls for Children's Church and a broom for cleaning off the car when I hit a patch of black ice and landed FLAT on my back just like that.  After I got over the shock of my sudden new view of the sky I let out a simultaneous moan and laugh.  Oh, to have seen myself.  After realizing I wasn't badly hurt J declared the scene a yard sale.  I escaped with bruised elbows and a mildly tender back--and a healthy fear of slippery ice that I can't see. :)

Thanks for coming to spend time with us, Nana!  We love you!

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