Sunday, January 12, 2014

Five for the Week

A few things from the week...

1.  The kid's bathroom got a mini-makeover.  From neutrals to blues (it's a tiny step in a more colorful direction).  (Story-starter cards from eeBoo.)
(That rug is ridiculously lush.)

2.  My room also got a makeover.  A superhero and cardboard robot inspired-theme.  Complete with a crayon zip-line across the bathtub.  
(Clockwise: The zip-line with ninjas on guard.  The book that inspires these creations.  My dresser--aka superhero and cardboard robot hang out. More giant robots in the hallway.  A palace of sorts in the corner of my room.)

3.  Speaking of makeovers, the light over our kitchen table also got a new look.  I have had enough of of the "interrogation" bulb shining in my eyes so I tied a piece of white fabric over it--making my own diffuser if you will. :)

4.  These two have been using their new Christmas head-lamps nearly every night to get in a few more books.

5.  And this?  It's them pretending to be bat parents (naturally).  It was a little experiment to show how mother bats can find their babies by smell.  (We put different scents like curry powder and vanilla and banana and vinegar on cotton balls.  They each picked a smell to be their "pup" and  had to identify it by smell only--eyes closed.)

And that's just a bit of our week--the first week back at school after a nice long Christmas break. :)

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