Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 in Pictures

Red House Christmas--Christmas Eve (Take 2 :)

A few of the gifts...

 Loving Family Family and Bunk Beds and Van(ebay).

Wheels that turn boxes into cars. (Rolobox.)

Body Pillows.  (A serious hit.)

A White Christmas Night.

Then off to PA on Christmas Day.

To hang out with Nana and Pop.

And this cute guy (who might be a tad intimidated by all of us.)

{New "matching" jackets.  (And T's most favorite gift from us--a stuffed seagull.  Who knew?;)}

We spent the day after Christmas with my family.
(We were greeted with painted snow sculptures.  A cake.)

It started with a treasure hunt that ended with chocolate coins under the couch cushions.

Then, after opening gifts, my sisters and I did our traditional Christmas skit (video coming soon.) Followed by the customary matching-shirt photo.  (Uncle W had to work--but no worries, with the help of a mask from a skit a few years ago and an extra matching shirt, he made the photo anyway.  Totally normal. :)

After that we headed out into the snow.

For some sledding my-childhood-style.
(Down the driveway on the slippery, thick plastic tarp.)

In all kinds of ways.

With my long-time sledding buddy and Carhartt twin separated by 3 years.

And then more sledding fun.

Followed by the felling of a giant dead tree.

We counted 160 rings.  Amazing.

The day ended with sparklers and Christmas carols.

On Friday I got to spend the morning hanging out with just my dad and sisters.
We went out to breakfast (at 8am) and then "treasure hunting" at a few antique stores.

Then we all remembered how horrible we are at bowling. ;)
We ended our fun together with a trip to Party City and ice cream for lunch.  Love that we have a dad that wants to hang out with us. :)

On Saturday we headed back to the Red House in time to celebrate my birthday.

Such a fun Christmas.  So thankful for all of the memories. :)

Happy New Year!

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  1. You are certainly blessed. (I just had a birthday too)

    H A P P Y N E W Y E A R to your and your family!!!