Thursday, December 05, 2013

What I learned in November (and October)

A few random things I've learned over the past two months:

1.  Murphy's Law:  If you are going to leave both the two side doors and the back door of the van open overnight, it will most definitely happen during the most torrential all-night downpour of the year. 
(A few seat reassignments while the van was drying out.)

2.  The irony of how often I say, "We say things only ONE time,"  is not lost on me.

3.  Duck Dynasty.  We discovered it only a few weeks ago.  I think these guys are long lost relatives of my dad and his brothers.

4.  Rooibos tea is my drink of choice these days.  (Thanks, Lize! :)
The sipping chocolate is pretty amazing, too.

5.  After listening to A Wrinkle in Time, I think it might be my most favorite book of all time.

6.  I made this wreath WAY more complicated than it needed to be when I first started it.  In the end, it's crazy simple.  [It could use another roll of burlap ribbon, but for now (and to be honest, for as long as it lasts) this works.]

7.  I actually blogged for 31 days.  And then promptly lost all will to write for the next 31. :)

8.  These slipper boots are crazy ugly.  But what they lack in looks, they more than make up for in warmth and comfort. 

And now on to another full, fun month! :)

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