Thursday, December 12, 2013

Our Top 10 Toys

As I've been shopping for Christmas gifts this year for our crew and our little nephews, I've been looking back at some of our most favorite toys--toys that have stood the test of time.  Here are a few that get the most mileage at our house. :)
1.  Art supplies.  Chalk, colored pencils, markers (and the holders to carry them--similar), crayons of every sort.  For traveling the Doodle Traveler and the AquaDoodle are awesome.  And M and T use those lap trays EVERY DAY.  (However, if you jump off of your bed and try to land on one--it will break.  In case you're wondering.  They are both on their second one.)

2.  Wooden blocks.  A lot of wooden blocks to make sharing easier. :)  J's grandfather made T's castle blocks.  (Similar.)

3.  Mega Bloks.  We've had these since M was a baby.  They all still play with these at least once a week.

4.  Large cardboard building blocks.  We have 90.  (Just a few.)  It's enough for them to each build their own house.  (I found them on clearance last year at JCP*nney for $2 a box.)

 5.  Zoobs.  Really such a fun, versatile building toy.

6.  Imaginext characters and buildings.  T obviously digs their superheroes.  They go everywhere.

7.  Fisher-Price's Loving Family dolls.  M doesn't love the girly doll-houses (she makes her own), but she likes the dolls.  (And the camper.)

8.  Bean bag chairs.  Awesome for watching movies--both inside and out.  And for just lounging.  Anywhere.

9.  The last few--
The Battat Dump Truck and Mega Bloks Tractor-- T has had them since he's been one and still plays with them all the time.  The Melissa and Doug Cookies (Beza's favorite).  And IKEA's wooden train track (plus a few extras from yard sales).

10.  Small backpacks to take toys on the go.

I love that these are all toys that add to and inspire their imaginations.  I know we don't have a ton of years left of dolls and big dump trucks, but loving it (and adding a bit to it) while we do. :)

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