Monday, December 02, 2013

Five from Last Week

Snapshots of Thanksgiving Week

The week started with J's Birthday.
1.  Skiing in VT.
2.  The Birthday Guy.
3.  Cannoli Cake.  (Yum.)

Apparently it was also "Dress-up Week."
1.  Daddy's Mini-Me.
2.  Bat Mom.

Thanksgiving Day
(Turned out differently than we expected, but it was a good day with just us. :)
1.  The turkey (by J).
2.  The parade.
3.  The Thanksgiving books.
4.  The big crack-up at the table.
5.  The feast.

The Table-Scape

And then over the river and through the woods to our parent's houses.
1.  Over the ice-encrusted mountain to "home."
2.  Holding on to her "hat."
3.  Not holding on to their hats. :)

(And now, we're all back home again, up to our elbows in disinfecting from a welcome-back bout of the stomach bug.  One down and a whole house of ticking time bombs. :)

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