Sunday, December 15, 2013

Five for the Week (+Sunday Funnies)

1.  We had our first bigger snow of the season on Monday--a Snow Day.

2.  You know the floor is bad when this happens. ;)  (Also, he's just a good guy. :)

3.  My errand-running girl and me.

4.  On Friday, a day in the city with these two.

5.  Because J had LASIK surgery on one eye.  (CREEPS me out--but, pretty cool stuff that he can finally see a bit without contacts/glasses.)

We had a much bigger snow storm yesterday (maybe 8 inches or so?).  Bez is wearing her "gobbles" to go sledding down the big hill.
(Also, she regularly reminds me that, "I don't like the Lizard of Oz.  It's scary."

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