Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Deferred :)

T-man woke up first this morning and dashed down to the tree.

But before the morning got started, Beza tossed her cookies.  And then M tossed hers.

Time for a change of plans.  (So thankful and mindful that it's just a stomach bug and that we have the flexibility of a whole week to fit in seeing our families.)

(Birthday cookie cake shielded from germs.)

T and M exchanged the gifts they got for each other.
 (T got M a jeweled pen.  She got him a Ninja Turtle marker set.)

And then, as the only kid standing and a very good sport, he did get to open one small present. (K. Croc?)

All day long, while I ran to the dentist for a toothache and M went to the doctor and while we cleaned up after the girls and set mousetraps in the basement (!), he played. 
(Chicken, mashed potatoes with butter and peas inspired by his Highlights magazine.)

Now everyone is tucked into their beds.  The girls are feeling better.  The house is almost entirely disinfected and very clean. :)  My toothache is just some sore muscles and NOT a cavity or something worse.  I squeezed in a nap and some book-reading.  J was home from work and is awesome when the kids are sick.  And just maybe the mouse in the basement is a figment of our imaginations.

Here's to Christmas at the Red House (take 2) tomorrow! :)

(These guys trekked through our backyard this morning.  So handsome.)

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