Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Few Things From Our Week

1.  Baking.  Aunt Marg's sugar cookie recipe makes a lot of cookies.

2.  Singing.  Sing-a-long parties for the youngest two.  
Party dress.  He insisted on the tie.  The part where he told us he wants an iphone.  (That's a want that's going to last for a good long while.)

3.  Resting.  (And Sanitizing.)  M has been feeling under the weather all week.  :( 
The tv at the Dr.'s office is a crowd pleaser.

4.  Folding.  Writing.  Stuffing.  And Stamping.  The Christmas cards are done!

5.  Painting.  Cards for the "people in our neighborhood."
For teachers, the recycling crew, the mailman, the garbage truck workers, the firefighters and the librarians.

6.  Elfing.  It's WAY better than leprechauning.  Elves are apparently helpful (and little--hence, the knee-walking.)  This elf has been delivering presents under the tree, replacing empty soaps and all kinds of other chores.

7.  Sleeping.  Under the tree.  

8.  Fortressing.  This is what it looked like the next morning.

9.  Wrapping.  Tomorrow is Christmas at the Red House.  Can't Wait! :)

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