Sunday, November 03, 2013

Funnies: Beza Style

A New Way of Thinking
Beza is digging the book yummy YUCKY right now.  The other night we were reading it all together and we were cracking up at the faces she was making.

Mouth full of blue crayon, mouth on fire from hot sauce and eww--fish food.

Then we got to the page about yummy burgers and yucky boogers.  She imitated the picture of the finger on the nose and said, "He's saying, 'Hmm...I'm thinking.'"  (Yes, let's go with that.)

The Artist
I LOVE the people that she's drawing right now.  Two eyes, a big mouth and two arms and legs.  Simple.

Doesn't Miss A Beat
In church there are a few songs that talk about the presence of God.  Every single time she hears that phrase she shouts, "Presents!"
(She is enamored with her shadow. (What a beautiful profile.) :)

I love it when she makes us laugh. :)

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