Friday, October 04, 2013

Day 4: Savoring the Highlights (Five for the Week)

So, my kids have turned delayed gratification into a competition.  If they get a special treat, say an Oreo--they will either take the tiniest bites ever to make it last OR they will pretend to eat it when in fact they are just waiting for the other person to really eat theirs and then they say, "Ha!  I still have mine!"  It particularly bothers M when T says, "I'm going to savor this."  It means that it might take him all day to finish his (not good when you're trying to outlast him).  

Needless to say, here are a few moments from my week worth savoring. :)

1.  I see their little baby selves in their sleeping faces.

2.  Singing opera during all of breakfast.  (Opera laughing is quite funny.)

3.  Another afternoon at the park with friends.  (Seriously, how cute are they?)
(Oh, the leaves in the hair--it's almost as bad as sand.  Yikes!)

4.  While we were at the park we were also celebrating that our friend Lize became a United States citizen today!  (In a life-is-funny kind of twist, sadly, the ceremony today was a bit long so she actually wasn't there when we ate the cake. :)  But, we are so excited for her!!!  (Congratulations, Lize!)

5.  Also, we're totally celebrating that J came home today!  He was only gone for 2 nights, but it's very good to have my partner in crime back.  (AND I got to go shopping all by myself tonight--it's pretty phenomenal to walk through a store with no one else attached to me. :)

Whoo-Hoo! it's the weekend! :)

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