Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Day 9: The Funny Thing About Zippers (and Lack Thereof)

We're studying all things feathers these days.


Thankfully our turkey neighbors generously left a few behind.

So, get this--these feathers totally function like zippers.  If you pull them apart,

you can just "zip" them back up by smoothing your finger along the split.

We checked it out under the microscope.

It looks zipperish, yeah?  So cool.

And speaking of zippers, it turns out that if your pants don't have a zipper, they're pretty comfortable both frontwards and backwards. ;)
(3 cheers for a new enthusiastic self-dresser. :)

Part of the 31 Day Challenge.
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PS: Don't worry, Mom, we washed our hands really well after touching those feathers. ;)

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